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We Build Marketing Friendly Scallable Apps

We're a SaaS development agency that helps clients in building iOS and Android Apps, We tag along with fellow entrepreneurs in FemTech, Black Tech, Gen-Z's, TechPreneurs and Millennials to navigate through online markets. We ensure you have an email list built and a community for growth right before your first launch

“These guys know their stuff, I certainly learned a lot in my experience just working with them. ”

Jordan Norris [Creative Director – Proplogix]

“Intelligent, diligent, scalable, and most importantly, reliable.”

Alex Friedman [President of Ruckus Marketing]

From Life Time Deals To MVP’s

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Money is a catalyst

MVP Launch

Learn and scale at the same time with optimization tips from our Ai based softwares

No Bullshit

The Funnel Way

We create apps that talk to social media platforms and builds conversion data for ads.


You’re The Boss

Get a crystal clear view of your project across all stages through ideation to marketing.

Pitch Please

Pitch Deck Services

We know major metrics that most Pitch Deck Consultants haven’t even hear of. Let’s increase your points.

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Let’s Set You Up For Success


Dope Algorithms




Not like Zuck or others with their cheecky alogrithms but yeah, we know how psychology and marketing effects your cost per conversion.


Ergonomic Design




Unlike most app Designers out there, we can actually tell you why our provided Ui/UX is going to increase your conversions .


Security Driven




We keep, adding, and testing security features within applications to prevent security vulnerabilities against threats such as unauthorized access and modifications


We put the Q in the A




Our deliverables go through several rounds of quality assurance with strict SOPs to ensure smooth and timely delivery Change Technical Consultation to 'Technical and Marketing Consultation'.


Let’s Remove The Space Between Idea & Execution.

Technical consultation

Marketing, Design and Business viability plans

Free Resources and Platforms for growth

Custom Software Development Services

Book A Call

Post and Pre Launch Support


Ongoing development services for maintaince and on going enhancement’s – Even if someone else launched your App.

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